[ND] | Mass Destruction Weapons
I had a little idea this night ;)
[ND] | New pic in Gallery
The new picture named Selfportrait was added to the gallery.
[ND] | Teardrops
I have taken some Photos of a wall witch was full of waterdrops.
[ND] | Wannabeaconverter
Techno Schranz created by me after a hard day of relocation.
[ND] | Gabi: Me as angel
There is one more picture. It`s taken from the submissions of the portraitphotos.
[ND] | Gabi: Self Portrait
Okay, here is Gabi typing. We took photos some time ago and I painted this picture according to one of the photos. I think it`s time do do something, and I don`t like that the gallary is dominated by biff =).
[ND] | Portrait Romy/Martin
Yesterday we had a little photo-shooting in my place in Chemnitz. But the most of the photos are taken with a aperture of 1/5 till 1/10 and of cause blured :/. We took ~240 photos and only about 20 are good enough.
..::Romy::.. ..::Martin::..
[ND] | Portrait Gabi/Biff
Today we made a big photosession. I Placed some good shots a in the projects section.
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