[ND] | Games Convention
Yesterday, i was at the GC in Leipzig. This event was the first big one in Germay (as I know). I liked it, but there were to much Playstation/X-Box guys. I have taken some Photos.
[ND] | Cubes
Okay...the last days a have produced a small flash demo. It is a test of some vektor routines, i have written last week.
[ND] | Unterbecken
My parents bought a new digicam and i took it for a few fotos. There is a nice panorama of the local hydroelectric power plant.
[ND] | Poison
I am still suffering, trying to express myself with a flash film.
[ND] | Connecting people
I am trying to create a flash. And because 1. flash sucks, 2. my handy ringed 8am, I created this funny picture.
..::connecting people::..
[ND] | Memories
I was just running the net and looking for some raytracingart. Bored like ever II tried to trace something for myself. The most work was building the surfaces. The total rendering time of this was about 1 hour 30 minutes.
[ND] | Exit 2 Nowhere
This morning i had the urge to create some gfx. I took a photoarchive and started to play a bit around.
..::exit 2 nowhere::..
Okay okay, the motif is slipped off ;)
[ND] | Uh comic sucks?
Today I was at the local pool talking to a chick witch was lying next to me. Nothing special, nothing cute, but she told me that she is a singer. That gave me the idea for a new pic.
..::godless soundbomb::..
Ok, i`m just a beginner. Don`t judge to serious +)
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